How can I adequately describe what I have witnessed God doing in the past few months? The Lord has moved in the lives of so many I have met around the country in the various churches I have visited. Those who are either living through their own sexual and/or gender issues, or dealing with family members who are in the LGBT community, tell me how God has answered their prayers and used what they have learned through the ministry of Out of Egypt to bring reconciliation and healing to their broken personal lives and familial relationships. I’ve also heard from pastors who invited me to share with their churches, that even months later, people are still talking about how helpful it was to hear that loving someone, right where they are, isn’t condoning their sin it is actually being Christ-like. Those of you who come alongside OOEM through your prayers and donations are sharing in the fruit of this ministry and I just want to say how grateful I am to each of you. The Lord has allowed us to do this together!

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