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November 2017 Newsletter

IS IT POSSIBLE TO BE A GAY CHRISTIAN? A growing number of people in the gay community are identifying as gay Christians. While that may be hard to understand we have to remember that it's in our human nature to want to love God, or better yet, to be loved by Him. Why wouldn’t they...
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How can I adequately describe what I have witnessed God doing in the past few months? The Lord has moved in the lives of so many I have met around the country in the various churches I have visited. Those who are either living through their own sexual and/or gender issues, or dealing with family...
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January 2016 Newsletter

It’s been a long time coming, but we at Out of Egypt Ministries are so excited to be sending out our first newsletter! We have been blessed to see the Lord move in such a powerful way in the past two years. But, we know He’s not done yet! We are excited to see how He will continue to reveal...
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