Out of Egypt Ministries

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
John 8:32

Out of Egypt is a non-profit ministry that is dedicated to speaking forth the truth of God’s Word to a generation that has been enslaved by lies. Patti Height knows the destructive bondage that comes as a result of believing and living under this deception, and began this ministry with a desire to help others find the same peace and healing she found, through faith in Jesus Christ. As a teen, Patti turned to alcohol and drugs, and later entered into the world of homosexuality. For many years she believed the lie that there was no hope for change, and her life spiraled down as a result. Today, Patti’s life is a testimony to the transforming power of God and the truth of His Word. In 2003, she was set free from the bondage of addiction and homosexuality, and is now committed to sharing with others the hope and freedom she found in the Gospel.

Out of Egypt is the speaking ministry that Patti founded as a platform to share her message. Her goal is twofold:

To equip Christians via the local church and other venues to reach out and minister to the growing homosexual community with the love and truth of the Gospel.

To offer guidance to others on how they can disciple those who desire to leave the lifestyle and/or those who are struggling with same-sex attractions.

Out of Egypt first began in 2006 as a counseling ministry of Calvary Chapel Old Bridge. Today, the ministry has evolved into a speaking ministry focused on equipping Christians to minister to the homosexuals in their families, churches, and communities. Through this ministry, Patti has seen many who are “gay-identified” begin to question the lies they have believed and respond to the truth of the Gospel. She has also seen the body of Christ begin to grow in their understanding of how to effectively minister the love and grace of Christ to homosexuals. Please pray for Patti and the Out of Egypt Ministries. It is only through prayerfully sharing the Gospel that we will see the chains of bondage broken.

I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that you should not be their slaves; I have broken the bands of your yoke and made you walk upright
Leviticus 26:13



Pastor Randy Smith, Grace Bible Church


We were delighted to have Patti speak at our church. She, like all believers, is a living testimony of how our Savior’s grace can overpower every former lifestyle with blessed transformation. Patti’s love for the Lord and passion for the truth is evident. We were not only edified, but also equipped for this very contemporary and needed mission. Her testimony will move your heart and her desire to minister to the gay community with the compassionate love of Jesus Christ will move your mouth and feet.

Pastor Dale Dickinson, Jericho Road Christian Fellowship - La Mesa, CA

Our fellowship was greatly blessed by what Patti shared with us. I believe God is using Patti in this much needed area of ministry. Her heart for people is evident as she holds forth Biblical truths in a caring way. Whether it is for those struggling in this area or to help prepare people to minister to those who do, she has much to offer the local church. I would strongly encourage any fellowship to have her come share with them.

Pastor Mark Kirk, Calvary Chapel Knoxville

The way God is using Patti Height’s ministry is quite extraordinary. I see it no different than the days of Esther and I truly believe her ministry is “for such a time as this.” It is not only needed and timely, it is life changing. Not just life changing for those she reaches and leads to Jesus, but for the church. I as a pastor have an entirely new perspective and understanding in this area of ministry and hence an entirely new perspective on how to love them and reach those involved. This is a subject that we as the church must learn to deal with in a loving but uncompromising way, and Patti’s ministry does just that. It is based in love, experience, understanding, and solid answers in a day when confusion and fear seems to be the standard.

Jared's Mom

He was so blessed by your willingness to share. Unbelievable how the Lord paved a way for him to receive so much info on the weekend and then this. He's a lot more mature than I give him credit at 11.Anyway. He said this evening was amazing mom. First I feel like the Lord told me that that's not right and Miss Patti gave us a verse. Lev 18:22Second, I couldn't believe all of that happened to her. I've known her for so long and had no idea and it made me sad, but God really helped her.
"He saved her right Jared?" Yes, he did mom, he saved her.
I feel like I'm prepared now to talk with others and not be afraid, for out reaches, evangelism and stuff. Just in case I ever meet a gay person or anyone.I'm grateful that she shared it. I wasn't embarrased by it and I'm glad she did. I was afraid others would be embarrased but because she shared it made it better for everyone.
Thank you Patti for obeying God's call and blessing my son!

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